Healthy Drinking Choices

What we drink can drastically affect our health.
Below are some links that will highlight this.
Good WATER is such a healthy choice – it hydrates our muscles, and keeps the body systems working well! It is the best decongestant, also.
We can get good spring water delivered to our door for free in Townsville and surrounds!

15l bottles _$11.50

Check out the Mt Elliot Spring Water webpage. Their delivered water is available in boxes of 10 x 1.5 L bottles ($11) , etc. or 15L bottles ($11.50 each) for a ceramic water dispenser with a tap, or a cooling water dispenser.
Here is the link to the Mt Elliot Springs webpage.

This link tells of the hidden evil in fruit juices

This links highlights the hidden evils of soft drinks – and especially CocaCola

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