Me – Bev Hazlewood

I am a mature-aged female Diploma-qualified Remedial Massage Therapist.
I am qualified with Diplomas of Counselling and Community Services.
My passion is to help people – to alleviate their muscle tightness and musculoskeletal pain, through Remedial Massage that targets and works to help the problem areas.
My massage includes:
Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Soft tissue and Myofascial Release techniques, passive traction and movement of joints, resisted stretching. I also do Pregnancy Massage, and Massage for Relaxation.
I may use Hot stones, and/ or Vacuum Cupping.

** All services are strictly non-sexual. **

I was born with talipes (twisted feet), and I also had a back injury when I was a child. I know the reality of tightening muscles, and pain from structural problems. I have empathy for clients who have pain and discomfort, and I do my best to help them.
I have received a lot of help for myself through massage and stretching exercises. There was a time when I tearfully begged for a new back. It took a few years – and I got a “new” back – through massage, acupressure, and a stretching program which I followed daily.
When I began massage, my instructor -to-be was impressed with the integrity in my hands – the pressure I used, and the way I could feel tension in muscles, and adjust my pressure when needed – before any tuition. I feel that my mind absorbed some of what was done for me, and that was transferred into my hands. I continue to learn from every massage that I do, and I am looking to learn more (through short courses for specific techniques) to be able to better help my clients.

Location Bergin Road, CRANBROOK. QLD 4814 Phone 0426 514 084 E-mail bev@bevhremedialmassagetherapy.com Hours Mon - 7am - 7pm Tues - 7am -7pm; Wed - 7am - 5.30pm; Thursday 7am - 7pm; Friday 7am - 7pm; Saturday 7am - 7pm;
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